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Complete and file the FAFSA before May 1 for the maximum amount of aid, although you can file at any time. You may qualify for grants, direct loans, scholarships or a work-study position (a part-time job) to help pay for your college tuition and expenses at PVCC.

If you are eligible for a refund, those funds are not available until the middle of the semester. Do not expect to receive any funding at the beginning of the semester. You may charge books from our bookstore to financial aid around 2 weeks before the semester begins until around 2 weeks into the semester. Purchase books for all courses, even late starting courses, during this time.

Steps to financial aid
Watch the FAFSA Tutorial Introduction video
How To Apply For Financial Aid
Online FAFSA Tutorial
Watch the Five-Minute FAFSA video
Quick Intro to FAFSA
Estimate financial aid (Net price calculator)
Reapply for financial aid
View my financial aid account

What happens after I file my FAFSA and when does the money come?

  1. Students (and parents for dependent students) complete a FAFSA with the correct tax information.
  2. Around five business days later the Federal Government sends the FAFSA information to PVCC.
  3. The day PVCC gets the FAFSA information they mass process it and send the student a communication (around eight business days from the day their FAFSA was submitted).
  4. The communication will be one of three types:
    1. Here is the amount of federal and/or state funds for which you are eligible. (Award Announcement)
    2. We need additional information. (Bring it ASAP.)
    3. You are not eligible for federal or state funding for academic or other reasons. (Sometimes you can appeal. Do so ASAP.)
  5. When you get Communication A - grant funds are already in your award account at PVCC. If you are only eligible for loans the award will occur after you have returned your loan request form, completed an MPN and the loan is processed.
  6. When you have an award on your account, your tuition bill will still show until mid-semester, when financial aid awards are subtracted from bills by the business/cashier's office.
  7. In mid-semester, award funds over and above your bills will be mailed to the address you have in the student database. (Make sure your address is correct.)
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